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The one piece of jewelry that is never out of fashion is the gold necklace for women. Even in prehistoric times, the necklace was meant as an adornment on the women. Today’s women, and men still see the necklace as an adornment, for both sexes.

Gold is never out of style, it is always trendy and yet can be made unique for the person wearing it. Many jewelry websites have a vast amount of designer jewelry available, including gold necklaces for women, silver necklaces for women, and silver chain necklaces.

According to the fashion experts at many magazines, dainty gold necklaces and silver necklaces have been dominant in recent years. However, this year you get to have fun with your necklaces and designer jewelry.

Layering Your Necklaces For A New Look

This year, we want to layer our necklaces. Combine the dainty gold necklace with a bold and chunky necklace. A silver necklace with colorful resin flowers or even beads and shells is a very trendy style. Long, blingy crystal necklaces are all the rage in the Spring 2019 fashion shows. Pair them with mismatched dripping crystal earrings to complete the ensemble.

A sweet trend for all are gold necklaces for women, or silver necklaces for women with initials. Whether the initial is your own, your significant other or your children, this is one trend that no one can eliminate.

For those of us that need logos in our lives, find a gold or silver chain with the full logo or just one letter logos. They make a splash in the fashion industry. Gold or silver necklace chains with pearls stand out in the layered look this year.

Mix And Match Different Lengths

When out looking at jewelry stores or on jewelry websites, be sure to purchase necklaces of all different lengths. This makes the style even more fabulous. Any length starting at 14 inch choker style to lengths up to 32 inches, mix and match the styles, designs and colors to make your own sort of fashion statement.

A choker style necklace in black pairs with a beaded necklace or dainty silver necklaces for a more casual look. To brighten up the appearance, change out the silver for drippy crystals on a gold chain for an evening out.

Who can go wrong when wearing a pendant on a chain? The geometric patterns, abstract designs or animal symbols or tooth looking drops, make a statement all their own. Let us not forget this spring, open back shirts and dresses will all benefit from a beautiful gold or silver back necklace. These give the perfect amount of shimmer to the open back style of clothing that is also trendy.

One thing we know for sure, that a dainty gold chain necklace for women is never out of style.

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