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What’s in a name? There is still some confusion between vintage and antique. The easiest way to remember, if it is antique, it is vintage. However, not all vintage is antique. To be vintage a piece of jewelry must be at least 20 plus years old. Antique is jewelry or other items that are at least 100 years old. So, for the sake of words, let’s use vintage.

There are many styles of vintage necklaces that are available to those who look. There are even some available at online auctions, which means for a here and now Spring 2019 trend, you could pick up some very nice vintage necklaces at a very affordable price.

Vintage is generally characterized by the ‘picture’, that is, the theme of the necklace. Whether it is Egyptian themes, bold and daring geometric shapes, abstract designs, or large beads and shells.

The New Trend: Anything Goes

Spring 2019, is a feel free to be you type of year. Anything goes! Of all the jewelry that is available for wearing, none has been around as long as the necklace. Even back then, if it was one bead on a rope, it was a necklace, it was used for adornment. Speaking of ropes, yes, you could very easily put a pendant on a piece of jute rope and have a fashion. This would not double as a back necklace, as it would be more than what is necessary for a perfect touch of sparkle.

Gold Chain necklaces, they will never leave the trends. Add a large gold pendant onto a thin gold chain, and sport it as fashion trends, since it is! Whether it is thin or thick, single strand or multi strand, it is still a powerful trend this year. Necklace trends are ever changing. Layered Vintage necklaces create a daring and bold fashion, and since they are meant for adornment, let them adorn you how you choose.

Don’t be Afraid To Make A Bold Statement

Do you like big and bold, daring or demure? Vintage costume necklaces used to be called gaudy, but we have learned much since those days. Gaudy would not be fashion, big, colorful and bulky is, and they can make you feel as though you are wearing a unique necklace, one of a kind. The pattern of leaves, animals, flowers, all types of stones, crystal, sapphire, diamond or amethyst can be mixed together.

A bold resin flower, or small resin pendant, similar to the cameo is a sweet look and makes others look to you for fashion.

This Spring of 2019 is calling for the messy layered necklaces, chains and pendants. The look is unique, the colors are your choice, what makes you feel good. You can mix thick and thin chains with beads on necklaces and have a more modern look. Pear shaped pendants and three string faux pearls.

If you or someone you love is looking to be fashionistas, go for gold, be bold and be you!


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