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Here it is, the spring of 2019 has arrived and brought in some completely different fashions and trends.

Maximizing is key this year in fashion. Yet, there will always be those times that call for sweet and dainty. For those occasions when you want to look demure, a silver necklace is just the right item to pair with a plain dress. You could have an open back dress and need just a touch of shine, this is when a long, silver back necklace is the perfect choice.

Shells and beads, the bigger the better, put them onto a silver necklace and run with it. The more color, the bigger the sizes of shells and beads, it all goes this time. Even oversized charm necklaces are the in style to sport wherever you go, no matter the event. You could swing back and wear a pretty, dainty silver necklace and add a cute little charm onto the necklace for days you do not want to go big.

Add Some Charm To Your Necklace Or Bracelet


Charms, there was a time that every woman had charms and bangle bracelets. They likely ended up in the bottom of the jewelry box. It is time to bring them back out. Wear them as much as you want. Layer silver necklaces with all kinds of charms, or big acrylic flowers, bigger the better this year, maximize all that jewelry that you have kept. Go out shopping and find some new to you vintage pieces, silver necklaces from days gone by are sure to catch the eye of someone special to you. The charms you choose are what is important, meaning that if you choose to have your child’s initial, your initial or an animal, music note or even a logo charm. They will all work for fashion this year.

Another way to incorporate a charm or two is to add them onto a bangle bracelet. A multi layer bangle bracelet could hold charms of birthstones, to signify family, much as mother’s rings do.

Choose Pearls For A Beautiful And Sophisticated Look


An outstandingly beautiful look is one of many styles of black pearl necklaces. Single strand or multi, if it is black it is in. A gorgeous black pearl necklace with a light colored sundress adds to your already true beauty. Black pearls generally symbolize wealth and prosperity, only because they are extremely rare. Due to lighting and angels, these tremendous gems can appear to be different colors at times also. Hurry and grab one before the recent technology of farming pearls make them less of a rarity, and of little value to a true lover of fine jewelry. This would make it the perfect and truly unique piece to add to your stunning jewelry collection. Increase your good fortune today by wearing a black pearl necklace, which in turn ups your fashion game!

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