It’s All About The Fingers And The Rings

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Rings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry for men and women alike. You will find that it is something that both sexes enjoy wearing. Mainly for the symbolic meaning of love, but also for the sheer beauty that a ring holds.

Silver rings are usually the strongest options that a couple will lean towards when shopping for engagement rings. For silver rings, it is most often a palladium sterling silver that is used. Yes, that makes it sound as though it is fake, but behold it is not! It is still 92% pure silver.

Pearl Rings – A Different New Look

Pearl rings are a gorgeous style. Pearls are considered a sign of unity, so they make a wonderful engagement ring or even an anniversary gift. The 30th Anniversary is signified by the pearl.

There are rings that have no real significance, short of the owner really liking the style or color. We can call them jewelry rings. These rings can any stone, beads or just be made from plain metal. Some have design engraved into them, others are plain and smooth. Trends for rings really do not change for jewelry rings.

The trends for engagement rings for this year are nothing short of spectacular. Rings with a fancy diamond shape are quite the popular trend so far this year. Some couples choose to have a ring with gallery detailing on it. This would be some design that sets it apart and makes it a unique rings. These special touches and added diamonds gives the ring a classic look. Most engaged couples do choose to have the silver ring jewelry sets.

Embracing Three Stone Engagement Rings

The three stone engagement ring is back to the forefront of trends also. Due to the royal wedding that recently took place, many couples are eyeing the three stone diamond setting, with a contemporary look. The most popular silver rings and the next white gold rings are set apart from all other designs.

Stacked and nested rings are an undying look. This is a style that will always have a place in our hearts and on our hands. Traditional round and cushion shaped diamonds are a design that has spent a few years on the top of our lists for fashion trends.

Most of today’s brides love the tradition of an engagement ring, they are not too thrilled to have it look traditional however. Clustered settings of diamonds, colored diamonds and vintage inspired rings are ones to seek out. With all the styles and settings available, fashion trends may keep changing.

Any rings, whether silver rings, pearl rings or wedding ring jewelry sets should speak to the person or people wearing them. Again, 2019 is the trend of being you, being bold, and wearing what you like because of how it makes you feel.

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