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We all want to fit in, be in style and wear the latest in fashion. However, we are not all part of the Walton, Koch or Dumas families that can afford the expensive items. So, being frugal, we find ways to be in fashion and fit in with the cream of the cream of the crop.

Cheap Fashion Jewelry in NYC

Cheap fashion jewelry in NYC is made out of non precious metals and stones. These metals are copper, brass and bronze. Some of the stones are made from crystals, acrylic, leather and beads.

The locations where you will find many wearing the best fashion jewelry is in NYC. There are a variety of online stores, wholesale markets and retail outlets where you will find the latest trends in fashion jewelry. There are many locations that sell wholesale costume jewelry.

When looking for popular fashion jewelry in NYC, visit some of the local vintage shops. These places give you a great buy on many of the items you are searching. Costume jewelry can be found in abundance at vintage shops. Vintage does not mean just old, it also means something that indicates or is a sign of high quality.

When browsing the shops for fashion jewelry, or costume jewelry, look for the darker metals. When a piece is too shiny it will appear gaudy. The gaudy look is for another time and another fashion statement.

When possible, look for jewelry that will not turn your fingers or wrist green. Try a gold vermeil, it will not disappoint or color your skin. It also saves the budget. One would also want to find pieces that carry a little weight on them. If the piece is too lightweight, it gives it away as fake.

We Are Not All The Same

Even fashion professionals have sought out the fashion jewelry to add some sparkle, design or bling to their fashion lines. Heavy gold chains, or wide pearls with crystals just as large.

Obviously, fashion is what You want it to be. Yes, we are all accustomed to waiting for the newest trends to come out each year, I say, set your own trend, make a fashion statement with what you want and how you want.

It does not take robbing a bank to afford style, style is in front of you. If it looks good and feels good to you, that is your style. Some have even chosen to make their statement by banning perfectly matched fashion jewelry. Many have turned to a mish mash style. This choice of style has developed their own individual self. The most common is mismatched earrings. They could be complete opposites and the appearance is perfect for your style. You will also find that many retailers are selling earrings singly now. You could call it funky or rebellious, but, many have called it fashion.

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