It Truly Is The Year For Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Stores In Nyc

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Jewelry has always been a fashion statement. Artificial jewelry, formerly known as costume jewelry, is made to compliment the outfit and the person wearing the jewelry. Lucky for most of us, artificial jewelry suppliers, and wholesale fashion jewelry is available for a fraction of the cost of finer, real gem jewelry.

The Basics

NY Style Fashion jewelry is all the rage in 2019. There is a multitude of different choices and also styles. Think new and trendy mixed with a touch of retro. Can you picture that? We all know that jewelry is a must have for fashion. Fashion accessories of all types can make or ruin an outfit.

Spring of 2019 brings us joy as far as being able to visit our favorite wholesale fashion jewelry stores in NYC. We are now able to purchase our fashion statements at many of the latest fashion jewelry wholesale stores all over the world.

The wholesale fashion jewelry stores in NYC have laid out the latest trends in artificial jewelry.

Some items to be on the lookout for are crystal drop earrings, and pearl, mainly gold pearl. Whether these are rings or earrings, makes no difference to fashion.

Wholesale fashion jewelry stores in NYC are stocking up on the heavy gold chains, chain link necklaces and large exaggerated shapes with glamorous finishing touches. Be sure that your fashion wardrobe also includes the chain type belts, both thin and thick.

Another basic to have at home and ready to don at any moment are shells and beads. Yes, think again of the puka shells, and add to those more colorful and any size of shells. Wearing shells, on earrings, necklaces or even bracelets is the latest and one of the top trends this year.

We CAN think Retro if we choose!

Mr. T knew what he was doing in the 80’s. That huge gold chain of his, with the seemingly cumbersome letter, or even some of the musical artists from the 80’s who still wear their huge chain link necklaces and belts. If you have those stashed and hidden away, feel free to pull them out, clean them up and start showing them off.

Charms can be added onto earrings, maybe only one, as mismatch is all the rage also. Charms are also a memory of an activity or person in ones life that we want to remember always. Those beautiful charm bracelets we received when we were younger, pass them down a generation or two. Visit some of the latest fashion jewelry wholesale stores and pick up some new charms to add to the bracelet, a new necklace or even onto thin chain belts.

Look for large resin flowers, geometric shapes, it all goes this year. Anything goes! Resin can be chic or bold in design and pattern, also color. The brighter the color, the happier you may be. Those who look for high fashion at reduced expense, this year’s spring fashion is for you!

Chunky gold pieces, earrings, rings, belts will stand out and you will look like a fashion icon.

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