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When you need the latest trends in spring and summer jewelry, you can count on Shira Accessories in New York City to provide you with the latest trends at affordable prices. In fact, to get you excited this spring, we’ve reduced the prices of most of our inventory by 25 percent.

Wholesale Jewelry NYC

Imagine wholesale jewelry NYC that bold enough to make your eveningwear stand out, yet subtle enough to be worn to your day job. It is possible. We have beautiful braceletschokersearrings and necklaces that will help you add the finishing touch to all your spring and summer fashions.

Spring / Summer Fashion Jewelry NYC

Get ready for warm weather with our Spring / Summer Fashion Jewelry NYC. As the weather starts to warm and the flowers start to bloom, you’ll get to show off your latest spring and summer fashions on the streets of New York City. To accentuate your outfits and add a bit of sparkle, you may want to start with our Cubic Zirconia Collection. You can show off your love of delicate spring colors with our pink cubic zirconia heart bracelet and add one of our necklaces with a cubic zirconia pendant.

Popular Fashion Jewelry Trends

This year, popular fashion jewelry trends for 2018 include lovely chokers, mismatched earrings and double-bracelets. Thankfully, our team of jewelry wholesalers have already scoured the catwalks and latest celebrity trends to bring you the best of these looks at prices that you can afford.

What to Look For

  • Bracelets with two or more bands
  • Two pairs of contrasting earring to draw attention to your face
  • Bold chokers with dark colors and lace-like weaves

Best Fashion Earrings & Necklaces NYC

Today’s spring and summer styles are all about bringing attention to the most beautiful features of your body; your face and neck, and our best fashion earrings & necklaces NYC will help you choose the style that suits your personality while keeping you trendy. If you’re looking to go big and bold, choose one of our fashion pearl necklaces. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, yet completely fashionable, check out our chunky chain necklaces

When it comes to earrings, mismatched is the key this season, but you do not have to pay luxury prices for your mismatched earrings. Here at Shira, we offer earrings for between $3 and $12, which means you can buy more than one pair of earrings and mismatch them according to your tastes for the day. For example, imagine mismatching our hoop earrings with 3-row effect with our hoop earrings with crystal stones. To buy both sets, you’ll only spend about $8.25. Then, you’ll have the choice to wear an individual set or mix it up.

New Fashion Jewelry Trends

For the latest in fashion jewelry trends, you can count on Shira Accessories of NYC to keep you looking great and up-to-date. To learn more about our fashion jewelry, visit our website or contact us personally via email.

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